Chronicles of a Top Gun Pioneer

Captain Kevin M. Smith is the Sonic Warrior, an author, speaker and aviation design consultant known for his role as the Commander of the first deployed Top Gun unit in the United States Navy. Today, he is a prolific writer, public speaker, and radio/podcast host, speaking extensively on his time as a naval pilot in the era of supersonic flight through his books and radio show and sharing his unique expertise.

Photo: Captain Kevin Smith flying his F-8 Crusader on final approach to the USS Constellation.


Learn Captain Smith’s story in “The Sonic Warrior: Chronicles of a Top Gun Pioneer,” which explores a fascinating and important chapter in aviation history where sustained supersonic flight first became possible, or dive into the unique insights his career has given him in his “Commitment to Reason” series.

Throttle-Up® Radio

Throttle-Up® is an innovative radio program that informs, empowers, and amazes. It explores key aspects of critical thinking to harness the power of high-velocity reasoning to solve important issues and return America to being a nation of problem solvers and proud, unapologetic leaders of the industrial world.

Public Speaking

Today, Captain Kevin M. Smith works to spread the knowledge he has gained over decades in military and aviation, using the lessons he has learned through time and hard work as an aviation design consultant, author, and radio host. Keep checking back for future information about speaking events, book signings, and other public events.