Wielding his expertise gained from a lifetime of service and tens of thousands of flying hours, Captain Kevin M. Smith explores the history of the Top Gun program, his involvement in its development, and what can be learned from a pioneer of the modern era of military aviation.

The Sonic Warrior: Chronicles of a Top Gun Pioneer

This aircraft was so incredibly fast, ushering in the era of the Sonic Warrior.

Captain Smith’s The Sonic Warrior: Chronicles of a Top Gun Pioneer offers a riveting look at the legacy of the Navy Fighter Weapons School founded by Captain Dan Pederson. Famously known as Top Gun, this elite fighter-pilot community was mission critical to delivering close-in-air combat training. Kevin Smith, a Sonic Warrior of distinction, helped lead the way in solving one of aviation’s greatest challenges.

More than just a memoir or historical account of supersonic aviation, The Sonic Warrior provides a unique look into the thrills and challenges of flying supersonic-capable aircraft, and of executing combat maneuvers at sonic speed. 

The Sonic Warrior provides insight for solving complex problems and optimizing human performance in any high-stress, intense, time-compressed scenario, and is an inspiring study in leadership and critical thinking.

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Critical Thinking Essentials

In our modern landscape of large-scale complex systems, we need to think critically to solve problems. Applied critical thinking exercises reason, which becomes our most important resource and must be put to work.

The ability to effectively solve problems, particularly in complex situations, is the hallmark of one who can think critically. Moving the critical thinking process into the realm of operational systems, this handbook delves into analytic reasoning.

Analytic reasoning is especially useful in dealing with large-scale dynamic systems that exhibit high levels of complexity. Such systems are essential in our modern industrial society. Quick, easy, and inexpensive problem solving is preferred by many today, but this is an illusion and in complex situations this is a prescription for disaster.

This Critical Thinking Essentials Handbook, prepared especially for operators and managers, provides as a key feature a distinct operational orientation that makes it useful for serious challenges concerning complex situations and the operation of large-scale dynamic systems.

Hostile to Reason

Critical thinking is an exercise that seems to have largely been abandoned in Western politics. Consider this a crash course. The experiment with socialism that began more than a century ago is still well underway throughout the world.

From economic crisis in Europe to uncertainty at home, there has never been a better time to have this conversation. Throw away the conventional wisdom. It’s time for a new paradigm.